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Sparkle and Shine

What is Prosecco?

Welcome to the world of Prosecco where a love for celebrations and refreshing drinks takes over. The perfect summer evenings drink, picnic go-to or even a great Christmas or birthday gift, Prosecco is perfect for every occasion.

What is Prosecco?

Pop open the bubbles, it's time to celebrate! Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine that is well known for it's light and refreshing taste. Light bubbles and usually a little lighter on the alcohol, prosecco is also a very affordable sparkling wine. Prosecco is becoming more popular because it is affordable, versatile, and great for many celebrations.

The question is..

Is Prosecco dry or sweet?

Prosecco is usually considered as a dry sparkling wine and the vast majority of it sits under the 'Brut' category which means it is the driest style of Prosecco, with little to no added sugar.
However, the sweetness levels can change. Depending on the label, the sweetness scale of a Prosecco can change. You might see the label extra dry meaning its indicating a slighter sweeter taste and Demi Sec which translates to half-dry in French showing also a sweeter style of Prosecco.

To some this may be known but to others we will answer, is prosecco bubbly? it is! It's bubbles is one of its defining characteristics which contributes to its light and lively nature. The fine bubbles makes this wine perfect as an aperitif when celebrating as well as complementing several dishes.

Hot Prosecco Brand

We are seeing more and more Prosecco wines come into the market with old and new brands jumping on the band wagon. The popularity of the wine is also growing, with the high affordability point along with a lighter wine option it turns a lot more heads for sparkling wine drinkers. Irish comedian, Graham Norton joined forces with New Zealand Invivo Wines and together they released their own wine and spirits line, which includes a truly beautiful Graham Norton Prosecco. A few other trending Prosecco brands are Gancia, Giotti, Ruffino and Ruggeri which are all recommend and with price tags that are hard to say no too.

Celebrations are calling!

What is the difference between Prosecco and Champagne?

Pop open the bottle and fine bubbles will shine. Champagne and Prosecco may look very similar but there are quite a few key characteristics that make them very different to one another.

Originating from different regions, Prosecco is dominantly made in Italy and usually from the Veneto region and uses the Glera grapes. A fruiter flavour profile with notes of apple pear and white peach can lead to a more refreshing and fruity mouthfeel. You will also find that Prosecco holds a very affordable price in most places.

Champagne on the other hand, is exclusively made in France and is crafted with blends of three primary grapes of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Champagne has a much more complex flavour profile with tastes of brioche, citrus and toasty notes. The price tag is also a given, Champagne usually has a heftier price tag which takes into consideration the production method and fermentation process, grapes used, aging and prestige.

Prosecco Cocktails

What to mix with Prosecco?

Did somebody say Prosecco cocktails? Prosecco is the perfect sparkling drop to enjoy on a warmer day and it is a very versatile drink when you are wanting that little something extra. There are several liquids you can mix with prosecco such as juice, liqueurs, syrups, sparkling water and even sorbet making it a very versatile drink when it comes to cocktails.

To go the extra mile when you're feeling like something with a bit more pop, there are several cocktails out there that you can add your favourite prosecco too. A few of our favourites:

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