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Meet one of the most popular cocktails in the world, the humble Mojito!

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It's Mojito Time!

The capital of Cuba, Havana is where the cool and crisp Mojito was born. The Mojito is one of the top performing rum cocktails in the world in fact! The secret is in the recipe, the simplest approach wins every time. A winning combo of white rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar and mint for some reason just works! The technique of 'Stirred not shaken' is also important as the stir technique creates a different texture. If you aren't much of a sweet tooth swap out your soda water with Angostura bitters this was what some hotels in Havana used so it brings a bit more of a sour taste to the drink.

The Bacardi Special Mojito Recipe


50 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum
25 ml Lime Juice
Handful of Mint Leaves
2 tsp Fine Sugar
25 mls Soda Water
1 Sprig of Fresh Mint


1. Squeeze the lime wedges into the glass and gently press together the limes and sugar.
2. Add mint into your glass and press with a bar spoon to release it's oils.
3. Next, half fill the glass with crushed ice.
4. Add in your rum and churn*
5. Top with more crushed ice, soda and a mint sprig.

HOT TIP: If you are wanting to create something a little less traditional, add in raspberries with your mint leaves for an extra fruity flavour.

*Churn is another term for stirring your ingredients together swiftly.

For more inspiration check out Bacardi's website.