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Winter Warming Reds - Top 10 Picks

Are you finding yourself switching from those nicely chilled white wine drops to a warmer red? Because we definitely are! Explore our top 10 red wine recommendations below and get amongst the cooler weather with a drop that will warm your insides right up. From Central Otago Pinot to Australian Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon's or discover a silky soft Chianti from Italy. This is the IT list for Winter wines, enjoy!

Winter Red Wines

What wine is good in the winter season?

There are several wine varietals that are great to drink in the winter season, a lot of choices are up to your own personal preference. However, there is a trend that a lot of wine lovers enjoy a chilled white wines in the summer and a lovely bold and warming red wine in the winter. A few popular varietal choices in the winter time are Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Syrah and Pinot Noir. This is due to the feeling of drinking a nice red as well as many red wine varietals matching well with heavier dishes like strews and roasted meat.

Is Pinot Noir a winter wine?

Pinot Noir is a very popular wine varietal in the winter time, it's got a cozy night in association with the wine. However, it is unfair to say Pinot Noir is just a winter time as it does come back to personal references and is also a great wine to drink in the autumn time. The light-bodied style of Pinot pairs extremely well with those heavier winter dishes with the wines classic palate notes of cherry, raspberry and spice that does mix well with many meals.

What is mulled wine?

As the years go by, the rise of mulled wine is expanding. Whether you're heading out to a pub or a restaurant, it's getting more common to see mulled wine on the drinks list during the winter months. Mulled wine is an alcoholic drink that also is known by the name 'spiced wine' that is made with red wine that is further mixed with various spices that is then served warm. This popular choice can be alcoholic or made to be non-alcoholic, check out our Mulled Wine recipe here.

What are some of the best red wine brands for winter?

There are so many great red wine producers the list would go on and on if we could. However, some of our favourite red wine brands that are highly sought after are Mt Difficulty, Amisfield, Ata Rangi, 19 Crimes, Esk Valley and Grant Burge. We can't get enough of Central Otago and Australian red wines in the winter time as we find these silky soft wines to be the perfect fit when the weather gets colder.

What is the best way to drink red wine?

The best way to drink red wine we believe is to drink at room temperature, however if you enjoy a chilled red wine then no one is stopping you. Red wines are commonly rich in flavour and a wine that you drink a little slower to savour those warm and delicate notes and is usually served with dinner or dessert.