Laurent Perrier Rose Butterfly Jacket 750ml

Laurent Perrier Rose Butterfly Jacket 750ml

Limited Edition - Cuvee Rose Butterfly Robe


The 19th of July 2021 saw the release of Laurent-Perrier’s fourth limited-edition Cuvée Rosé Robe. And with this incarnation of their classic Cuvée Rosé, the brand has chosen to highlight the importance of protecting the environment- a plight that’s been consistently integral to their ethos. 

The House of Laurent-Perrier was first founded in 1812, becoming internationally recognised as a market leader and innovator. The brand’s traditional values have since been combined with a deep respect for nature (sustainable grape-growing has long been a part of the house’s ethics), a commitment to quality and lasting industry relationships. In 1968 the first Cuvée rosé was released by Laurent-Perrier, cementing its distinctive and stellar reputation. 


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