Oban Special Release 12yo Highland, 700ml

Oban Special Release 12yo Highland, 700ml

A legend you need to try

Legends Untold Special Release Single Malts bring together eight natural cask strength, rare and unusual Scotch Whiskies. Unraveling our whiskies characters through mythical tales, abundant with provocative characters, unexpected truths, and a touch of the supernatural.


The Oban 12YO sweet natured Scotch stirs bright eyed, nose keen with smooth, sweet chilli. Maritime aromas offer contrast with seaweed, crystal salt and black pepper. Lightly oily, it soon shades the palate with a pinch of spice from fresh charred casks. Crunchy oak spice, a dark toffee apple sweetness and a lengthy, peppery finish harmonised in this lush tale of light and dark.


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