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Krondorf Old Salem Shiraz 2021, Barossa

Get to know your latest Diamond Collection Wine

This beautiful Shiraz takes its name from the Old Salem Lutheran Church
which was built in the 1800s. The church lives on in the memorial stone which
is laid in neighbouring vineyards to where the grapes for this wine were grown.
Harvested from Krondorf’s prized vineyard - this Shiraz is crafted with
tradition at heart with a contemporary touch.

Tasting Notes

It’s a full bodied drop, packed with flavour, yet light with beautiful fruit
flavours. Bramble fruits with hints of dark chocolate and cherry will
greet you the moment you open the bottle. Flavours of French oak come
through in every sip with bursts of coffee and carob. It’s a delicious and well
balanced wine, that’s inky and rich with an abundance of blackberry and plum
notes - a must try.

Food Match

This is a wine to bring out for special occasions, best paired with fine dining.

Drink Until: 2034+ Alcohol: 14.5%

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