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Passionfruit and Citrus Fruit

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Sauvignon Blanc

Passionfruit, fresh cut grass, tropical pineapple and zesty grapefruit. Its vibrant fruit flavours, crisp acidity and distinct personality of the Sauvignon Blanc grape that has captured the hearts and palates of wine enthusiasts worldwide. The oh so fruity and fresh Sauvignon Blanc grape has been around for decades and has never been so in demand than it is today.

A popular style for many wine beginners and wine connoisseurs there is a lot to uncover when it comes to that delicious Savvy you have chilled in your fridge waiting to be opened. It’s time to dive into the world of Sauvignon and understand where it came from, if it is known to be sweet or dry, why is it so popular and of course what Sauvignon Blanc is the best!

The Origins

Where is Sauvignon Blanc from?

The Sav grape has been popular for a long time so lets explore the origin of its production and the regions where people commonly cultivate this delicious grape. France is famous for its Champagne and red wines, but Bordeaux and the Loire Valley is the true birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc! Nowadays, winemakers from many countries, like Chile, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, are producing Sauvignon Blanc vintage after vintage while taking inspiration from the grapes origins.

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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

I want to discuss our beloved Savvy, which is highly popular in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its award-winning wines and Sauvignon Blanc is one that is highly sought after. Marlborough, Nelson, Gisborne and Central Otago are the four most popular regions for producing world class Savvys. These regions are known to produce the best Sauvignon which is due to the climate, soils and wine making processes each vineyard go through to make it the best quality juice that is bottled up.

What sets New Zealand Savvy apart from the rest of the world? It's all those incredibly oozing aromas and flavours. Our vibrant and expressive fruity sav notes like passionfruit, freshly cut grass, grapefruit and herby notes, leaves you craving for more.

Savvy on the rise

Why is Sauvignon Blanc so popular?

This is a funny one to answer because each individual and their palates are so different that we can't point out one thing. Sauv Blanc is a popular wine choice for many and it has been like this for many years. A lot of wine lovers tend to enjoy the fruitiness and dryer notes that a Sav has to offer. A lot of wine drinkers will note that Sav is a entry level wine varietal but we don't think this is the case.

The grape is complex in itself. People tend to lean towards this at their local pub or restaurant because of the fruity characteristics it has to offer such as passionfruit, peach, lime and apple, it is a very citrusy and tropical fruit based drop meaning wine drinkers like the easy-drinking aspect to it.

Is Sauvignon Blanc Dry or Sweet?

Typically, Sauvignon Blanc is known to be extremely fruity, with a medium body, high acidity and is rated very low on the sweetness scale. We can't rule out sweet Sav however, it is up to the wine producers and the way they choose to make their wines, making the wines very unique to each vineyard and winery. If you do find a Sav that tends to be sweeter then your usual dry drop, this may be due to the fermentation process that the wine maker has chosen to go by.

Wine Brands

Which Sauvignon Blanc is best?

There are many vineyards that produce internally acclaimed Savvy's and if were to name just one that would be cheating. There are however several notable New Zealand brands that have established their own place in the market for their Sauvignon Blanc's. The iconic Cloudy Bay, Beloved Kim Crawford and the classic Oyster Bay are just to name a few.

Here is a list of some sought after wine brands that produce Sav that is hot in demand and go down an absolute treat:

Stoneleigh and Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

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