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Marisco Vineyards

The King's Series wines

Marisco Vineyards, renowned artisans behind the acclaimed labels The Ned and Leefield Station, have introduced to the world a premium Marlborough wine brand named The King's Series.

Winemaker Brent Marris from Marisco tells a twisted and adventurous story of history from the 12th and 13th centuries, where ancestors intruded and history was made. Majsetic and royal, this range is a collection of the finest curations.

Amidst life's simple pleasures and cherished moments are wines to savour, indulge a little with this alluring series that is truly fit for all wine lovers and King's of the world.

The King's Series

Among the twisted vines of owner Brent Marris’ ancestry was William de Marisco, said to be one of the illegitimate sons of King Henry the First. In the twelfth and thirteenth century, the de Mariscos inhabited Lundy island off the south-west coast of England, engaged in a tempestuous relationship with the monarchy of the time. At times receiving favour, and at others displeasure, the de Mariscos’ acts of piracy and treason defined their place in history. Celebrating his scandalous family history, Brent Marris presents The Kings Series.

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The line up

The King's Series Wines:

King's Series 'Favour' Sauvignon Blanc

In 1204, despite apparently using Lundy Island as a base for piracy against North Devon traders and along the English coast, one William de Marisco was strangely appointed to be in charge of a number of the Royal Galleys - whose very purpose was to defend against such piracy.

William was also granted the Manor of Brunton (in Devon) by King John - both these factors were surpring evidence of the King's Favour.

King's Series 'Bastard' Chardonnay

The Bastard. The de Mariscos apparently descended from a William de Marisco (approximately AD 1100), who was said to be one of the 35 illegitimate children of King Henry I - thereby marking William the King's Bastard.

The de Mariscos continued a rocky relationship with the monarchy in subsequent generations, ultimately ending with the tragic execution of a later William for piracy and his alleged involvement in a treasonous plot.

The line up

The King's Series Wines:

King's Series 'Desire' Rosé

King Henry the First is said to have fathered some 35 illeditimate children, one of whom was apparently Wiliam de Marisco. Many assume this is the reason the de marisco family has times to the Royal Court thereafter - all as a direct result of the King's Desire.

King's Series 'Wrath' Pinot Noir

In 1242 and already under suspicion of piracy off the coast of England - one William de Marisco was implicated in an assassination attempt on King Henry the Third.

Found guilty of high treason, William and 16 of his associates were sentenced to death. It is said that the King was so displeased with William, he even requested a special punishment be devised - 'quatering'.

Following his execution, the four parts of William's body were sent to the four corners of the Kingdom - as an example of what would happen to those incurring the full vehemence of the King's Wrath.

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