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Stoneleigh brand

Rapaura Series wines

Stoneleigh stands as a distinguished New Zealand wine brand that artfully captures the dynamic virality and unspoiled flavours of the beautiful Marlborough region. With a history that is deeply rooted in the lush landscapes of Marlborough, the brand embodies the harmony between nature and craftsmanship.

Stoneleigh is a brand that encapsulates the essence of the land with wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region. From humble beginnings to its present day standing as a symbol of exceptional quality and innovation, Stoneleigh continues to capture the hearts of many wine connoisseurs.

Stoneleigh & Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of what Stoneleigh do. Their commitment allows nature’s course to unfold by nurturing their vines and naturally infusing their grapes with enhanced and vibrant flavours. 23 hectares of the Stoneleigh vineyards are dedicated to fostering biodiversity and initiatives with an added 6 hectares dedicated to flourish as regenerative land.

The Stoneleigh team work with nature not against it, their dedication to sustainability is attested by Drinks Business Green awards 2019, they are a part of the Vegetarian Vegan approved status, aligned with the Sustainable New Zealand wine growing group and their support with the native falcon trust.

The Raparua Series

The Stoneleigh Raparua Series is crafted from an individual vineyard. This range has been masterfully produced by the finest attributes of Stoneleigh, infusing with an array of additional layers. So why does this range stand out? The outcome is refined, super-premium wines that are boasting with heightened complexity that draw to Marlborough’s finest characteristics. From the distinct soils from this vineyard, these wines are the very essence of the land they are produced on.

The line up

Stoneleigh Raparua Series

Stoneleigh 'Rapaura Series' Sauvignon Blanc

This luscious single-vineyard Sauvignon Blanc shows class and length. Hand harvested using Stoneleigh's Pellenc Selectiv harvested this Sauvignon shows big expressions of aromatic qualities.

Previous vintage awards:

Marlborough Wine Show 2020 - Best Sauvignon Blanc Trophy (2019 Vintage)

The Wine Advocate 2020 - 92 Points (2018 Vintage)

Stoneleigh 'Rapaura Series' Pinot Gris

This Chardonnay shows aromas bursting out the bottle, charry oak and baked pastries are just the start. 100% hand harvested at the peak of it's flavour intensity, giving this Sauvignon a run for other Marlborough Sauvignons.

Previous vintage awards:

New Zealand International Wine Show 2019 - Best in Show (2018 Vintage)

Michael Cooper 2020 - 4.5 Stars (2017 Vintage)

The line up

Stoneleigh Raparua Series

Stoneleigh 'Rapaura Series' Chardonnay

This Chardonnay has been carefully produced with rich and fruity layers. 100% hand harvested with 80% whole bunch pressed directly into French oak and 20% one year old. The barrels were tested and the very best was chosen to represent the unique vineyard site.

Previous vintage awards:

New Zealand International Wine Show 2019 - Best in show (2018 vintage)

Michael Cooper 2020 - 4.5 Stars

Stoneleigh 'Rapaura Series' Pinot Noir

A beautiful single vineyard wine showing big expressions from the stones it was grown on resulting in refined, quality and complexity. Hand-harvested in small batches, they have truly achieved a delicate style of Pinot Noir.

Previous vintage awards: 2018 - 92 Points (2017 Vintage)

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