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St Hugo Wine

Looking for the best wine to honour Dad this Father’s Day? Try the award winning Australian Fine Wine brand that was established from a son honouring his father.

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The St Hugo Story

Every fine wine is created with passion and craftsmanship. But only St Hugo is created to honour the close bond between a father and a son. It all started in 1938 when a young man away from home at boarding school in Adelaide, hears on the radio that a plane carrying 14 people has crashed in the mountains north of Melbourne. All were killed, including his father. Struggling to deal with the grief he soon is comforted when the mail turns up. It’s a letter signed ‘Your loving Dad,’ written the day before his death. This young man was Colin Gramp, his father Hugo Gramp was appointed in 1920, at the age of only 25, the MD of the company founded by his grandfather, Johann Gramp, who planted his first grapes in 1847. Fast forward to 1980, The Gramp & Sons winemakers now led by Colin, take a wonderful crop of cabernet from the rich soils of Coonawarra. Finally in 1983 it is released, as St Hugo.

Every year the legend grows with hundreds of gold medals and tens of trophies awarded to the brand for its intense blackberry and spice flavours, and its lingering finish of fine tannins. Today, more than 30 vintages on, St Hugo continues to set the benchmark for excellence in Australian Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Coonawarra Cabernet is still the flagship product, however there are more reds and whites that brilliantly highlight the home vineyards of the Barossa and other fine areas too. This includes a straight Shiraz from the Barossa, a Baross Shiraz/Coonawarra Cabernet blend, and an incredible Riesling from Eden Valley.

So, for this Father’s Day make sure you gift a wine that signifies the bond between father and son, shop St Hugo now and share that first glass over a few classic stories.