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Sangria Time

Get your hot little hands on a cheeky Sangria recipe.

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Spring into a jug of Sangria

Spring time can be such an awkward time of year - not more so than when you are deciding what to drink. You've been knees deep in those delicious warming winter reds (think hearty Aussie Shiraz by the fire while it's tipping down with rain outside). Then next minute, Spring is here, the sun is out and you've still got a cupboard full of red wine! Do not fear, we have just the solution for you - Sangria!!!! The Spanish know a thing or two about drinking red wine in a warm climate so it's not surprising they have come up with a refreshing and delicious way to serve it over ice. The answer - Sangria - a delicious, fruity and refreshing drink that gives you all the flavour of a hearty red wine but wrapped up in an ice cold, fruity cocktail. So instead of relegating your reds to deepest, darkest corners of the closet for the next 6 months, grab a jug, some juice and your spirit of choice and get muddling!


1 bottle of Red Wine*
1/2 cup of Juice (Orange is a good go to)
1/2 cup of Spirits*
1 cup of Ginger Ale
2 tablespoons of sugar
1 Orange
1 Apple
1 Lemon


1. Pour your wine, liquor, juice and ginger ale into a large pitcher.
2. Give all your liquids a good stir and set in the fridge until chilled.
3. Slice all your fruit into wedges and pop into the mixture.
4. When chilled, pour your Sangria into glasses, add some ice cubes and cheers to a delicious drink!

HOT TIP: You can adapt this to a lighter alcohol option by using a low alcohol red wine like the Paradox Low Alc Sea Shiraz or by swapping out the spirits for a 0% version.

*You can use any red wine you have around but this recipe works particularly well with full-bodied, sweeter red like Aussie Shiraz. If you need inspiration on what spirits to use then try one of the following: Brandy, White Rum, Gin or Cointreau