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Non Alcoholic and Low Alcoholic Drinks

Non alcoholic drinks are trending! Whether you are wanting to take a break from consuming alcohol, looking for a healthy alternative drink option or maybe you're pregnant and on the search for something yummy to drink when you are out and about. The rise of low and non alcoholic drinks are here and popular alcohol brands are jumping on board. Curious AF, Giesen, Seedlip Gin, and your classic beer brands like Heineken and Steinlager have shown us that they are here and ready to assist. So what does low alcoholic and non alcoholic wine and beer mean? Stay tuned!

What is Low and Non Alcoholic Wine?

To find if a wine is truly a low alcohol wine you will find that the alcohol content sits at 0.5% to 5.5% ABV (ABV = Alcohol by volume). With Non-alcoholic wine, it will have an alcohol content of less than 0.5% ABV it's as simple as that! Buut, how do companies make low alcoholic wines and beers? There is a technique called 'Heat Treatment' which is when they heat the alcoholic beverage to a point where the alcohol evaporates. Another popular technique is the reserve osmosis which companies can use technology to filter out the alcohol from the wine and beer. A common and easy to do at home technique is to just have an alcohol substitute, which means you want exactly be taking any alcohol out as there wasn't any alcohol in your drink to start with!

What are some good non alcoholic drink options?

In todays world, the drink choices are endless.. and when we say endless we mean endless! Have you heard some of the cocktail names lately? Flaming gorilla, the grasshopper and salty dog.. they are getting a bit bizarre! We can highly recommend Zeffers 0% crisp apple cider, truly refreshing! Pals another well loved New Zealand RTD brand have a 0% Pals RTD range which is another great substitute and seems to be more common and common for bars to have this stocked in New Zealand and dare we forget to mention a very popular and fan favourite Bach Brewing IPA 0% which is a non alcoholic craft beer, pure deliciousness!

What are the benefits of drinking low and non alcoholic wine and beer?

A lot of people are moving towards an alternative alcoholic drink of choice and we believe there are some common benefits and reasons behind this. 0% Wine and 0% Beer have a much lower calorie count compared to your regular beer and wine options so for some people that are watching their weight or wanting to generally consume less calories.

A lot of people still want to have a drink or two when they are socialising and they tend to lean towards a lower or non alcoholic drink. There is also a reduced risk of alcohol related issues like liver damage or maybe you just feel like a break, there are many benefits for your own personal health and well being that you might be interested in exploring to find out yourself if you feel a difference in your lifestyle.

Non alcoholic drinks to make at home

It's time to get experimental in the kitchen! There are ever ending recipes and ideas for non alcoholic drinks and especially non alcoholic drinks to make at home. Mocktails are a great alternative when your friends are wanting to have a cocktail night and you don't want to drink, they can be as straight forward or as complex as you make them. A mocktail truly is just crushed ice, juice and fruit. So go on, grab your juice, tonic, herbs and fruit and you're off. It's as simple as that.

We have a few non-alcoholic recipes ourselves, check out our mocktail recipes pages to help start yourself off. If you take a look at our cocktail recipes, you can easily substitute a spirit to a soda or tonic water of choice, it is really that simple!

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