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Mr Black Espresso Martini

Immerse yourself into a luxurious fusion of coffee meets Vodka with the secret ingredient of Mr Black's Coffee Liqueur, a true signature cocktail.

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Mr Black's Espresso Martini


- 30ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
- 30ml Vodka of your choice
- 30ml Freshly brewed espresso
- 15ml sugar syrup
- Ice cubes & coffee beans


- Grab your cocktail shaker and mix Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Sugar Syrup and your freshly made espresso shot.
- Chuck a handful of ice in the shaker and give it a robust shake until the shaker is ice-cold.
- Next, strain your drink into your Martini glass of choice, concentring on a nice smooth pour.
- Garnish with a few coffee beans and cheers!

Mr Black

A sweetheart of the night, Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is here to stay all night long. Crafted for the coffee lovers of the world, the brew is a bittersweet masterpiece of big flavour, balanced sweetness and an enduring coffee kick. Roasted by the experts just north of Sydney, Australia with Australian wheat vodka you've got yourself a decadent drop.