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Discover Gladstone Vineyard

Wairarapa is home to the very first plantings of the Gladstone range, this was way back in the 1880's by a French couple who saw potential to create Burgundian style wines due to the similarities in the environmental conditions and landscapes.

The team is small but full of wine-loving creators, the start of 2023 saw a new family ownership take over and is now considered a locally run business. The team is filled with passion, enthusiasm and big visions.

Gladstone hold three Vineyards:

  1. Home Block - this is the site of the original plantings in Gladstone.

  2. Carters - A smaller vineyard (1 hectare) which is used for their Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

  3. Blairpatrick - A 2 hectare vineyard which is where they plant their deliciously good Pinot Noir.

Gladstone believe that most of the winemaking is done in the vineyard, adopting a very traditional and hands-off approach they love making wines that haven't been manipulated in the winery. Everything they do, is by hand. Every little drop has been uniquely crafted by people who work with a huge passion for creating wines that capture the essence of Gladstone.

Monty Petrie

Winemaker of Gladstone Vineyard

Read our Interview with Monty

Monty (pictured on the left) is a true wine whisperer. Growing up on a beef farm in the south Wairarapa he is a true local to the land in the area. Monty has gained a great
load of experience in the industry from around several different environments such as Margaret River, Burgundy and Napa Valley to more locally around Marlborough and

Can you tell us a bit about how you came to be a winemaker?

My family are sheep and beef farmers from the Wairarapa. We planted a vineyard in the 1980's where we contract grew fruit for wineries in the region. I have been growing my entire life so it was a very natural progression into vineyards where I felt it was the most refined version of growing. I was initially going to go down the vineyard route however I worked a part vintage in a winery when I was 18 and I loved it. From there I worked in California, Margaret river, burgundy, Waiheke and Marlborough before coming back home with my wife. I love the seasonal change of wine. I see it as a time capsule of the weather for the season.

In the world of wine, what's your secret weapon for staying calm during harvest seasons?

Beer and laughter!

Do you have any morning rituals before you head out to the vineyard?

A good debrief of world news and cuppa tea with our vineyard manager Ollie normally puts the day in good stead.

When it comes to food and wine, what is your guilty pleasure?

Butter, cream. I grew up on a farm so we always needed hearty meals to get through a days work. Classic NZ farm cooking I still love it! In terms of wine, a good cheap red from south oz always an easy drinker!

As a winemaker, you must see some interesting things in the vineyards. Can you share a funny or quirky story that has happened in the past?

We have a tradition where we all dig out the fermenters in our under wear for a bit of a laugh.. and once a vintage worker decided to do it fully nude!!

What's one wine term that you secretly wish would disappear from all wine conversations and why?

I'm not a fan of telling people how the wine tastes before they try it, as I think it's a personal experience of sensations where people taste and smell different things and when you tell them what to taste it takes that experience away from them.

Has there been any new techniques or innovations that have caught your eye?

Biological controls in the vineyard. Instead of spraying chemicals to stop certain pests and diseases you spray beneficial organisms that can out compete the nasties!

If grapes had personalities, which grape variety would be the class clown of the vineyard and why?

Our Riesling definitely, we never know how it will perform year to year!

What’s your go to cheeky Friday night wine from the range?

The Estate Pinot Noir is a absolute go to!

Lastly, is there any upcoming projects or new releases we should keep our eye out for?

Our Rosé and Riesling will be dropping soon and our much anticipated 2021 vintage Pinot Noirs next year which are looking amazing.

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