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Isabel Estate

Located outside of Renwick Village in Wairau Valley lies the Isabel Estate Vineyards, right in the heart of the famous Marlborough wine region. Isabel Estate who are a component of the heritage's fabric of the Marlborough wine region with their small dedicated team who are 100 percent focused on single estate wines that deliver on the expression of site and provenance.. they truly stay true to their Marlborough roots creating nothing but 100% percent grown and bottled within the boundaries of their estate.

Isabel Estate believes in sustainable winemaking. They believe ‘what is better for the environment is better for our wine, by vintage 2021, many of the blocks will be certified Bio-Gro organic’. As one of Isabel Estates sustainable practices that they endorse, they have a compost program as well as a replanting program. Estate grown, Estate made and Estate bottled - there is nothing BUT Marlborough goodness coming out of this winery.

Jeremy McKenzie

A seasoned Marlborough expert and award-winning winemaker, Jeremy McKenzie concentrates on creating wines at Isabel Estate that accurately capture the local terroir. Jeremy is a true Kiwi hunter-gatherer, action guy, and winemaker who grew up on a farm in Hawarden in the Canterbury region.

Jeremy gained extensive winemaking experience at some of the top wineries in the world after earning a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and a Post Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology. His knowledge and passion for the industry led him to these positions after completing his studies in France, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

In order to continue his never-ending quest for winemaking perfection at Isabel Estate, Jeremy has returned home to Marlborough with his passion for creating high quality wines and his wealth of worldwide experience.

We got together with Jeremy to ask a few questions, check them out below.

As a Chief winemaker, what is your favourite part in the winemaking process?

Vintage and the beginning of making of the new seasons wines and bringing the team on the journey.

What makes Isabel Estate wines stand out from the crowd?

They are wines with weight and texture that have great ageability and in particular the Chardonnay which has the ability to deliver outstanding quality season after season.

Is there any new trend of innovation in wine that has excited you?

We are making some cool Natural wines under the Native & Ancient range - our philosophy is they need to have great drinkability, have been made with organic fruit and be fault free.

Which of your wines are you most proud about and why?

Without doubt the Isabel Estate Chardonnay range - the site and heritage vine stock allow the making of world class chardonnay.

What are your recommendations when it comes to food matching with your wine?

Manuka smoked Wairau river run trout.

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