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Our Story

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Vineonline actually goes way back to last century. In the 1990's two wine-loving Kiwis came home from their OE with the crazy idea to start a mail-order wine company - so they did. And they called it New Zealand Wine Society, even though you didn’t need a secret handshake to join.

They put in the hard yards, becoming besties with renowned Kiwi and Aussie winemakers, getting great deals on tasty wine and offering Kiwis a new way to discover and learn about wine. The company grew to serving more than 80,000 customers who loved the fact that they could pick up the phone and have a natter with people that really knew about wine (and you still can!).

In the 2000's the new-fangled information superhighway made buying wine easier (even with a dial-up modem) and, when a smaller Waikato-based, online wine business called Vineonline went up for sale, New Zealand Wine Society bought it. This meant we could also deliver beer, cider and spirits as well as an even bigger range of wine and after a few years of the two companies working side by side in harmony, we merged the best of New Zealand Wine Society with Vineonline.

Today you get the best of both services in one. We’re tight with growers and winemakers, our range of wine, beer and spirits is huge and our delivery is slick. So you can shop knowing we’ll never stop striving to bring you the best drink-buying experience around.

Hawke's Bay

The Hawke's Bay Climate

Hawke's Bay has some of the longest sunshine hours which is a huge factor when it comes to producing those delicious grapes we all love. The long growing seasons with its well known warm and dry climate brings out the best in their grapes and growing periods. Situated close to the sea yet quite sheltered from the west coast and mountains from the central plateau.

Dry and warm weather nearly all year long round in Hawke’s Bay is great for the maritime climate and viticulture. Beside Hawke's Bay you have a coastal influence which is why several wineries are situated carefully around the region to ensure they are using the maximum benefits of the climate and versatile soil.

When you think about Hawke’s Bay, it truly has it all - Coastal regions, hillsides, plains and river valleys all in one region. The most popular sub-regions for wine making in the Hawke’s Bay area are Gimblett Gravels, Bridge Pa Triangle and Central Hawke’s Bay which have all well developed high reputations for their mighty fine Chardonnay and red blend wines.


Due to the diverse climate Hawke's Bay brings, it is no secret that the top varietals which are being produced in this region are Chardonnay, Syrah and red blends. The warmer temperatures and diverse soils through to the range of climate characteristics in Hawke's Bay is what truly makes their wines unique. Winning international awards for many high quality wines such as their full bodied and lengthy Chardonnays, classic styles in Syrah and finely tuned rich reds is no surprise.

The Chardonnay grape in particular is known for its consistency. Textured, rich and complex with many stone fruits and citrus flavours balancing the grapes. The Syrah grape is one that is quite fragrant and elegant. Dark, plum and fresh fruit produce a wonderful experience when it comes to Hawke's Bay Syrah - it's like no other. Highly acclaimed for Hawke's Bay red blends, they are produced with a high quality technique which are known to age very very well (if you can wait).

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