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Gin & Tonic

A guilty pleasure for most, get your hands on a refreshing light and easy Gin & Tonic recipe.

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Knock knock, it's Gin o'clock!

Ahh the classic G&T combo. Gin is an absolute classic spirit when it comes to cocktails and when you're in a rush the G&T is the perfect easy refreshment. t’s time to dust those cobwebs off the bottle or if that’s not the case, top up your cabinet cause Gin has made a come back! Don't worry, you’re safe gin doesn’t have an expiry date as long as it is kept sealed….. Did you know about the old lady's tale that Gin is good to drink when you are sick, a Gin a day keeps the doctor away! There is also a yearly Gin festival, so if you are a gin lover watch out for it, it is a must do!

Bombay Sapphire G&T


50ml Bombay Sapphire
100ml Premium Tonic Water
Lime or Lemon Wedge


1. Fill your balloon glass to the rim for large cubed ice.
2. Pour over 50ml of Bombay Sapphire.
3. Squeeze your fresh lime or lemon into your drink and drop the remaining lemon into the glass.
4. Top with your premium tonic water.
5. Stir through and enjoy!

HOT TIP: Test the tradition and squeeze orange into your drink instead of lemon and drop it in, freshly slice your ginger root and squeeze in to make a orange and ginger G&T twist.

For more inspiration check out Bombay Sapphire's website.