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Christmas Gift Wrapped


Christmas Gift Wrapping

Grab your scissors, gift wrapping paper, sellotape, ribbons and creative hats as we wrap up some gorgeous wines ready to gift!

It's time to share the love and what better way to do that then to add your signature touch in gift wrapping? Whether it be you making your own gift wrapping paper (hats off to you if you do) or if you love adding cute little gift tags and bright Christmassy colours.

We absolutely love gifting the gift of good wine but we do find the plain jane wine bags to be a tad boring and not very personable.. so what better way to fix a problem then to do it yourself?

Explore our simple easy ways to jazz up a wine bottle gift with our gift wrapping inspiration piece, you can make your Christmas gift wrapping as simple or crazy as you like and there's no right or wrong way to wrap!

Short on time?

Simple is best

Explore our simple but delicate way to wrap a wine bottle to add a lil bit of dazzle.


Wrapping Paper
Wine Bottle
Gift Tag


  1. Gather all your gift wrapping materials and lay them out in front of you, make sure you have enough wrapping paper to cover your bottle.

  2. Lay out your wrapping paper on a flat surface with the pattern facing down. Place your wine bottle on the paper and estimate how much
    paper you’ll need to wrap it completely, leaving a little extra on the side for an overlap then cut.

  3. Place your wine bottle in the centre of the cut wrapping paper, roll the paper around the bottle and secure the overlap edge with your tape.

  4. To make the top and bottom of the wine bottle look neat, twist one end and tuck it into the top opening of the bottle, fold and secure the other
    end into the bottom of the bottle.

  5. Take your ribbon and tie it around the neck of the wine bottle, you could tie it into a classic bow or a fancy knot. Make sure it’s secure and looks good!

  6. If you want to go the extra mile with your gift wrapping this year, attach a gift tag that has a nice personalised message onto the ribbon and wrap it around.

A little bit extra!

Gift Wrapping for experts

If you have a little bit of time up your sleeve and wanting to give your gift a little bit of jazzing up,this is for you!


Wine Bottle
Transparent wine gift bag
Tissue Paper
Gift Tag


  1. Gather all of your gift wrapping materials and lay them in front of you so you have easy access to everything you need.

  2. Grab the gift bag you are going to use and fill it in with your chosen tissue paper to create a decorative base layer.

  3. Place your wine bottle into the cellophane bag ensuring it stands upright on the tissue paper.

  4. Once the wine bottle is inside the bag, add more tissue paper to make it look fuller and more visually appealing to the eye.

  5. Gather the top of the cellophane bag around the neck of the bottle creating a gathered effect, twist the excess bag at the top
    to secure the bottle in place.

  6. Tie a ribbon of your choice around the twisted part of the bag or a bow as a signature touch to the wine gift.

NOTE: A fun little additive is to add Christmas decorations in the bag so the more they look into the bag
the more joy they get. Some fun ideas would be a christmas decoration, a cute card, small chocolate bars etc.

Not sure what to buy for Christmas?

Christmas Gifts

Christmas shopping can be a bit daunting when November and December rolls round but the team here at Vineonline are filled with expert gift givers. Whether you are buying for the wine lovers, 'hard to buy for' friends and family members or a craft beer connoisseur, this Christmas we have put together the very best Christmas Gift Shop that is filled with fun ideas and beautiful gifts.

We have you covered from Secret Santa at work and corporate gifts from vouchers and gift-boxed goodies to gifts for her and him. If you are still uncertain, give our Customer Care team a call and they can guide you to the perfect gift this Christmas.

Check out the Vineonline Christmas Shop here.

But what about the Wine?

Gift wrapped Wines

Looking to save time why not buy pre gift-wrapped wine? Vineonline have a lovely collection of Champagne and Sparkling wines on offer that come gift boxed or with a beautiful wrap like our Veuve du Vernay Brut that has a Special Release Pohutukawa inspired wrap for Christmas.

Check out our 2023 Christmas Shop that is filled with delicious wines that we can highly recommend there is something for everyone here. We also have a dedicated section just for Gift Wrapped Boxes (there's some absolute beauties in here!)

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