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Frozen Berry Margarita

The perfect cocktail to cool you down when the festivities are on the rise.

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Frozen Berry Margarita Recipe

2 Servings (adjust quantities for the amount of people)


120 ml Tequila
60ml Triple Sec or Orange Liqueur (Cointreau is a good choice)
60ml Lime Juice
120g Frozen Mixed Berries
60ml Simple Syrup
2 cups Ice
Fresh berries for garnish and lime slices


1. Grab your blender and combine your Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, frozen berries, Simple Syrup and ice.

2. Blend until your mixture shows a smooth and slushy like texture.

3. Taste test your mix and adjust if it is too sweet or too tart for your liking. To do this, add more Simple
Syrup to make it sweeter or some more lime juice to make it tart.

4. Pour your Margarita mixture into two chilled glasses.

5. Garnish each glass with a skewer filled with your favourite berries and lime.

5. Toast too the festivities!

Frozen Christmas Margarita Anyone?

Get your hands on the best Frozen Margarita recipe with a Christmas touch. A berry delicious drop that is sure to please the crowds in the festive season. The classic Margarita is a combination of Tequila, lime juice and a orange liquour. The popularity of the famous Margarita was loved for it's sweet and sour flavours with the tasty salty rim which adds that lil bit extra flavour and zing when sipping. On an extra hot day, a frozen margarita could be the perfect medicine and this berry frozen Margarita might just be the fix!

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