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Bundaberg Spiced Rum

Spice up your cocktail drinks with this Bundaberg Spiced Rum concoction.

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Bundaberg & spice & everything nice..

Bundaberg have released a beautiful new small batch spiced rum which calls to celebrate with a new and refreshing cocktail!

Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum

30 ml Bundaberg Small Batch Spiced Rum
300 ml Bundaberg Ginger Beer
15 ml Lime Juice
Lime Wedge
Handful of Ice

1. Fill a tall glass up with your ice cubes.
2. Squeeze in your fresh lime juice and ginger beer.
3. Add in your Bundaberg Rum.
4. Pop the lime wedge on top for your garnish.

HOT TIP: If you aren't the biggest fan of a big ginger beer hit, substitute your ginger beer out with lighter ginger ale - tastes just as good!

For more inspiration check out Bundaberg's Website