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Shining Peak is one of Taranaki's finest breweries. The name 'Shining Peak' is taken from their beautiful province 'Taranaki' In Te ReoMaori, tara means mountain peak and naki is thought to mean shining.

Shining Peak is located on Gill Street, with all their beers brewed right on site they have truly got some magical touches going on behind the scenes. Not only do they brew good beers but they have a great eatery that is prepared by an award winning Head Chef - Freddie Ponder.


The Little Fake XPA brewed by Shining Peak is a hot hit. The team even call it the 'David of Goliaths' in the beer world. An easy sipper knowing you won't get the morning fog the next day! This brew has been produced with all the tricks in the book ticked, a great body to carry the light and fruity natures (keeping in mind it is only a 2.5% bevvie)

A touch of flaked wheat and rolled oats you'll find this lower in alcohol craft beer sweet and balanced. It's so good it's even won a recent Gold Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards. It's a must try in our books!

We interview our favourite beer Connoisseur to get his opinion on all the Little Fake XIPA brew, see what he has to say below:

What are your first impressions, key flavour notes and aromas you're picking up in this craft beer?

The Shining Peak Little Fake is truly a great beer for a lower percent in alcohol, the flavour is there and the hops shine.

Craft beer labels are a bit like adult artwork. How does the label design match up with the taste? Any surprises?

It has a very cool mixture of old school vs new school which works well with its historic location.

If this craft beer was an artist or a band, who would it be and why?

The Misfits - a classic punk rock band that are still unique in the scene.

Can you think of a perfect food match for this beer and why?

Fish tacos!!

If you were to recommend this craft beer to a friend, what kind of occasion do you think it's perfect for?

The Little Fake brew is perfect for a family BBQ due to its lower in alc nature.

Shining Peak

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