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Garage Project was started roughly back in 2011 by two brothers who transformed a neglected garage into a brewing hot spot in Wellington, New Zealand. Starting out little, the brothers used this time to experiment and take risks due to the small scale, and boy did those small risks pay off.

Today we see a brewery that is highly recognised and constantly brewing innovative and exceptionally good brews. Jumping into a market in New Zealand that people weren't completely familiar with, we see Garage Project getting involved in collaboration beers such as their Duck Island Lemon Poppyseed Sour (how delicious does that sound).

We are also seeing them brew some exceptional drops, tapping into the low and non alcoholic beer markets with their TINY range as well, a delicious Dirty Water seltzer range as well even wine, they have got a drink for everyone!


It's quite the name isn't it.. Fugazi was born way back in October 2015 and the brew has stayed around ever sense. A very popular choice among low alcoholic beer drinkers here in New Zealand with a 2.2% 'hoppy session ale' this beer has made its stance in the market. A full in flavour, less in alcohol take gives this beer and any low alcoholic bevvie a run for it's money.

We interview our favourite beer Connoisseur to get his opinion on all things Garage Project's Fugazi brew, see what he has to say below:

What are your first impressions, key flavour notes and aromas you're picking up in this craft beer?

Full flavoured with solid hops for a lighter option. Perfect to have a couple without any real after effects!

Craft beer labels are a bit like adult artwork. How does the label design match up with the taste? Any surprises?

Like a wolf got stuck in the multiverse.

If this craft beer was an artist or a band, who would it be and why?

King Krule. Big notes and flavour, but not what you expect to taste/hear when you see it.

Can you think of a perfect food match for this beer and why?

Gyoza with spicy sauce, light enough to not get too bloated and can beautifully cut through a bit of fat.

If you were to recommend this craft beer to a friend, what kind of occasion do you think it's perfect for?

Going to the inlaws when you still need to drive home, cause you'll want to have a few on hand but be safe to drive.

Garage Project

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