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Exciting News

We've moved websites

You might have noticed a bit of a change on our site when you have been shopping for your favourite drinks, and you’re right – we have launched a brand new site hoping to make your shopping experience that little bit better and easier with us!

What does this mean for our existing customers?

The Vineonline team have been working hard behind the scenes for a while making sure your shopping experience with us is the best. We have partnered up with our friends from Overdose to help ensure this! We have new exciting benefits for our customers such as a live chat, a function for recurring orders and much much more, we hope you are just as excited as we are. Your account will stay the same, if you have a subscription with us or have recently placed an order there will be no changes but if you do have any questions, please sing out to our service superstars!

What's New

  • Reoccurring Orders

Do you have a favourite wine or two that are also on the ‘buy’ list? We’re making it easier for you to shop with us by setting up a reoccurring order. Simply, go to the product you are wanting, click reoccurring order and choose from every 2, 4 or 6 weeks and let the team do the rest.

  • Live Chat

This is an exciting feature of ours, a live chat function that has our lovely service superstars behind it, that’s right not robots but humans! If you have a question or a query, save time and ask the team, they love a chat!

  • Faster Loading Speeds

We all know the pain from the wheel of doom spinning round and round, in good news this site will bring you much quicker loading speeds then our older website.

What's New

  • Brand Profiles

We stock a wide range of brands from International drops to local and even our own brand range that you might not of heard the brand name before, each product page will show a brand profile on the bottom of the page, giving you that little bit more information on the winery that you are intrigued about.

  • Product Reviews

Leave on site reviews to tell the rest of our customers your thoughts, if you loved the recent wine you purchased? Let us know!

We do get that it can be hard sometimes finding your way around a new site so if you are stuck, have a question or want to have a friendly chat, reach out to our friendly service superstars.

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