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The beginning

The Pals Story

Born in New Zealand, Pals is a ‘better for you’ spirit based seltzer that has taken New Zealand and Australia by storm. Pals broke sale records in New Zealand and gained big momentum in Australia across off-premise, on-premise and festivals since launching in 2019.

But how? Pals created SERIOUSLY TASTY (and multi-award-winning)) drinks and combined them with an original and desirable brand that consumers have fallen in love with.

Pals Values


Pals take an approach of being original in every aspect of business, as an example they were one of the first to release a 'better for you' range
of RTD's on the market with a original look and feel, they have truly inspired look alike brands all over the world.


Pals never stop innovating, they always lead the way in product and brand! Pals were named the 'Best New Drink Champions' at the Innovation Awards
in 2021. Introducing and reshaping the New Zealand RTD market by also creating first to market new #1 selling flavour profiles AND they were the first
New Zealand RTD brand to launch a 0% range.


These multi award winning drinks hero 'clean drinking' for the modern consumer. Several RTD's in the Pals range have won multiple Gold Medals from
numerous globally recognised shows. Pals also won the 'Master award' for best in show at the Global Hard Seltzer Masters in 2022.

Consumer Connectivity

Pals pride themselves in their consumer connections like no other alcohol brand before, they even have an engaged following of nearly
50k followers on Instagram and still growing!

Sustainable Business Practises

The team at Pals strive themselves to be a better business by taking care of their team, the people they work with, reducing their impact on the planet
and going to extra mile for their community. Pals is a B Corp certified and carbon zero organisation and have even recently launched their own 'Unsung
Pals' charity.

Pals Headlines

Since their debut in 2019, Pals have made several headlines!

With over 22 million cans sold per annum, ranking the #1 vodka RTD in both volume and value with huge volume growth in brand and value they have truly made a name for themselves! Pals have had numerous partnerships in place to help them grow into what the brand is now. This included a 3 year partnership with NZ cricket, meaning pals were sold at EVERY black caps and white ferns game nationwide.

Another 3 year partnership with global promoter Live Nation, giving Pals access to global touring artists, festivals and national venues. They also have long term deals with NZ’s leading stadiums and NZ Ski giving them a place at concerts and on the snowy mountains.

Pals 0%

Further down the Pals timeline, they noticed a shift of consumers drinking less and looking for more 0% offerings. That didn’t stop them instead, it excited them!

Statistics showed that New Zealanders were consuming around 25% less than the 70s and 80s. - Statistics, New Zealand.

So what did the team at Pals do? They created their own 0% range and consumers are loving it! In 2023, Pals Vodka Otago Peach Passionfruit & Soda 0% and their Pals Gin Lemon Cucumber & Soda 0% made their way up to the top sold 0% RTD SKU.

In 2023, a very successful Pals campaign saw a newly released Red Peach RTD now turned into a new Red Peach 0% saw it overtake the Pals Peach and Passionfruit 0% just months after launching!

With high brand loyalty and great marketing the Pals team truly know how to market and produce delicious tasting drinks. Their use of social media, in-store sampling, media stories and sponsorships have worked off and we don’t see their name and delicious drinks range disappearing anytime soon..

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