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Gin & Tonic

Enjoy this Lighthouse Gin and Tonic with a bit of a twist on your classical G&T recipe.

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Lighthouse Gin & Tonic? Yes Please!

Lighthouse Gin Distillery is located right here in Aotearoa. The beautiful region of Marlborough, near Cape Palliser in the North Island. A brand that has taken inspiration from the beautiful Cape Palliser Lighthouse, not only does Lighthouse Gin have a funky label but they handcraft their gins with water that travels from the Rimutaka Ranges all the way down to Palliser Bay. Pretty cool! The team at Lighthouse also use 9 different botanicals to blend their Gins making them very unique.

Lighthouse Gin & Tonic


50ml Lighthouse Gin
100ml Tonic Water
Orange Slices

1. Fill your favourite cocktail glass with ice.
2. Pour your lighthouse Gin over the top of the ice.
3. Rub the rim of your glass with the orange and squeeze a few dops into the glass.
4. Top with your favourite tonic water.
5. Stir and enjoy!

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