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The beginnings of

Curious AF

Curious AF started in 2020 and has made their mark in the non alcoholic movement in NZ. A name us kiwis know quite well Lisa King is behind the funky name and with some magical tricks up her sleeve she has truly delivered, opening up New Zealand's first non alcoholic bottle store in Ponsonby, Auckland and creating a sober curious movement.

Lisa King who is the founder of the kiwi social enterprise Eat My Lunch was curious about the non alcoholic drinks sector, after going sober it made her more aware of the challenges that are involved and made her curious to explore a little deeper into why. Creating Curious AF is all about making it easier for people to cut out alcohol, exploring new relationships with alcohol and creating a more open conversations with people making it a new social norm without the judgement.

The Drinks List

The Curious AF drinks list is imploding with classic cocktail favourites and innovative flavours that sound almost too good to be true! So what is on the list? Lets have a look into the Vineonline range!

The Curious AF drinks range is one that you all need to know about. Not only are all the Curious AF range filled with natural flavours, low in calories and sugar but they also cater to our gluten friendly, vegan and vegetarians so these are truly a go to drink for all of us! These cocktail in a cans are full of fruity flavours and all have a secret ingredient in them... afterglow. This is a top secret ingredient that mimics that warm feeling you get when you are having a glass or two of wine.

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Curious AF Pink Grapefruit & Rose G&T

Curious AF classic G&T

Curious AF Apero Spritz

Curious AF Vod%a Spritz Passionfruit Lime & Soda

The Curious AF bottle store

If you live in Auckland, jump in your cars and make your way to Auckland's AF bottle store in Ponsonby, a jaw-dropping beautiful and luxurious store that is filled with curiosity.

Developing non-alcoholic drinks this good doesn't happen overnight, in fact the team at Curious AF sampled over 100 alcohol free drinks from over 25 different countries before producing their own. Winning over 15+ International tasting awards they have truly found the magic in non-alcoholic drinks. So go on, pop into their store and taste test for yourselves!

What is Afterglow?

"Afterglow™ is a 100% natural botanical extract that mimics the pleasant warmth of drinking alcohol - without the alcohol." That's right, it mimics that warm feeling inside when you have a drink or two but without any actual alcohol. The team at Curious keeps the 'afterglow' ingredient close to their hearts and they do advise it is natural, safe, gluten-free and vegetarian.

Lisa discovered that most non alcoholic drinks don't actually give off that warm feeling when you are drinking and that the small effect is a crucial ingredient to ensure when drinking you are still experiencing that satisfaction and experience as if you were sipping on a cocktail. This special ingredient is what makes the Curious AF drinks stand out and remain that perfect non-alcoholic warming drink!

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