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The ladies behind Campo Viejo Wines

Elena Adell, Elena Suarez and Irene Pérez Gutiérrez - names you don't want to forget....

All born in Logroño, these powerhouse women have come together to embark on a magical wine journey at Campo Viejo in the Rioja region of Spain. Together they are testing the boundaries of traditional winemaking practices and producing memorable wines that are unique, innovative and full of excitement. Their office, the Campo Viejo winery, sits amongst the breathtaking landscape of Rioja, architecturally designed and surrounded by vines - a place few would complain of having to go on a Monday morning. Cleverly designed to conceal most of it's bulk beneath the ground, it is home to innovation, craft and a seriously impressive barrel hall. And with world leading facilities, it's a team of 3 proud, passionate and forward-thinking women who are paving the way to greatness.

Chief Winemaker

Elena Adell

With over 20 years experience in the wine making industry, Elena Adell is one to watch out for. Having been influenced into the wine industry from her family, studying Agricultural Science at university, she knew the wine industry was for her. In her own words, “It was virtually inevitable that I would end up with vines and wines”.

Joining the Campo Viejo team in 1998, she was on a mission to create wines with big personality. “I believe wine is something to be enjoyed with company. It’s an essential part of celebrations, when you want to share a joyful occasion or a quiet dinner with friends. My aim is to make wines that add a special touch to any occasion, wines that make you feel like drinking another glass.”

A more intriguing varietal she has unparalleled experience with his Tempranillo. Her mission solely is aimed at Elena discovering contemporary ways to construct expressive and interesting wines that best and vibrancy of Rioja and Tempranillo. “I adore working with Tempranillo. It’s such a versatile grape. I love seeing the many different ways it can express its character in such a diverse range of wines.”

Being involved in the early stages and plans of the new Campo Viejo winery has allowed Elena to create the supreme conditions to pursue her passion with Tempranillo. “This fabulous winery gives me a great platform to build on the values which have made Campo Viejo one of the world’s favourite Rioja.”


Irene Pérez Gutiérrez

Born in and raised in Logroño in the La Rioja region, Irene studied Pharmacy at the University of Salamanca. After graduating she decided to follow her true passion, the ever-evolving world of wine, so she went back to studying Oenology at the University of La Rioja. Part way through this degree she completed her final project in Bodegas Campo Viejo which inspired her even more. After gaining 5 years of experience with producers throughout the wider Rioja region, Irene returned to the Campo Viejo fold in 2016.

Junior Winemaker

Elena Suarez

Born in Logroño and with a passion for winemaking, Elena Suárez received a degree in Superior Laboratory Technology as well as Oenology at the University of La Rioja in 2017. As a highly motivated individual, Elena joined the Bodegas Campo Viejo team supporting the harvest season while continuing to study. Solidifying her place in the Campo Viejo winemaking team, she became a permanent member in 2019.

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