Taittinger Vintage 2014, Champagne

Taittinger Vintage 2014, Champagne

Experience this stellar Champagne

The Taittinger Champagne House only creates a ‘cuvée millésimée’ when the grape harvest is of an outstanding quality. Several years of maturing in the cellars will then be needed to ensure that the aromas slowly mature and develop the wine’s complexity and long-lasting character. Our vintages are made wholeheartedly with the discerning Champagne connoisseur in mind.


Aromatics of stonefruit, florals and biscuity notes, the crisp palate cascading with opulence and poise. The Chardonnays combined notes of white blossom with citrus notes and their palate full and acidic. The Pinot Noirs had subtle, fresh aromas of tart white fruits and scattered notes of red fruits. They showed a vivid and fresh structure on the palate.

This Champagne comes in a giftbox. 




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