This glorious range has been created to highlight the importance of serving white wine at the perfect temperature - Seven Degrees.

At Seven Degrees white wine can be drunk in perfect harmony - any warmer and the fruity flavours would seem unbalanced and aftertaste lose a bit of its life. Any cooler and the flavours would be dulled. 

Who would’ve thought that seven degrees would be the perfect temperature...

Style Profile: Classic flavours of pear & honey, off-dry & flavourful, very moreish 

Tasting Notes: A delicious, rounded Pinot Gris brimming with pear and spice notes. Off-dry on the palate, well balanced and moreish, this is the perfect drop to enjoy with friends.  

Style Profile: Fresh stonefruit with a lip-smackingly subtle, zesty finish.  

Tasting Notes: Entry level Chardonnay can suffer from being over-oaked or waxy on the palate when the balance is out of kilter. When you find an unpretentious and skillfully made example like Seven Degrees, where the complexity of the wine has been fashioned into a compact band of balanced flavour; it is the sort of wine you can enjoy drinking again and again without tiring of the flavour - you can choose to examine the depth of flavour or simply sit back, switch off and enjoy.  

Style Profile: Strawberry, raspberry & citrus

Tasting Notes: Packed with light red fruit flavours, refreshing citrus and a hint of cream. This is a food friendly style great with salads and summer antipasto dishes or served chilled on its own.

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