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Old Fashioned

A cocktail that has been around for decades and is truly an old fashion love.

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An Old Fashioned Love

Stuck in the past? This Old Fashioned cocktail is a sort of love that doesn't leave us.. A cocktail concoction of whisky, bitters and a dash of sugar is as traditional as you can get when it comes to cocktails. Served in a classic short glass or whisky tumbler with ice, the Old Fashioned is a simple version of the diverse cocktails you can come across these days. The history of the Old Fashioned cocktail starts waay back in the early 1800's hence why the 'Old' part of the name is present. The Whisky cocktail stays popular in todays age, an easy go to cocktail which takes a minute to create. The ingredients used were what was available, commonly bourbon or rye whisky was the go to with Angostura bitters. Nowadays, there are many modifications of the Old Fashioned recipe such as adding orange flavoured soda, garnishes such as cherries and orange slices and least we forget decorative ice.

Jacks Old Fashioned


50 ml Jack Daniel's
12.5 ml Simple Syrup
2 Dashes of Angostura® Bitters


1. Half fill a rocks glass with cubed ice.
2. Pour Old No. 7 over the ice.
3. Add remaining ingredients and stir for 20-30 seconds.
4. Garnish with an orange twist and a cherry.
5. Slowly sip and enjoy your Old Fashioned.

HOT TIP: Garnishes are not a must but if you are feeling experimental then try strawberries, blueberries or an orange peel.

For more inspiration check out Jack Daniel's website.