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Your Beaujolais Guide

Sunshine or rain we promise to provide you drinks inspiration all year round.

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Need Some Spring Drinks Inspo?

Spring can be a strange time of year when seeking inspiration on what to fill the drinks trolley with. Winter seems to be mostly over and done with and along with it those cold, dark nights that suit an Aussie Shiraz or Hawke's Bay Cabernet so very well. Most of us here at Vineonline are seasonal drinkers swapping deep, warming reds in the winter for light, bright and cool whites in the summer. But where does that leave us in the Spring and Autumn? Well don't fret - we've got your back!

For the white wine lovers..

The great thing about Spring is it usually means the latest vintage of some of the more youthful varieties are usually ready for release and if you're like us then you will be keen to get cracking into these as soon as they are out the winery. This year for example the 2022 Sauvignon Blancs are well on their way to being bottled and on the shelf along with other varieties that don't tend to have extended time in the winery - Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Rose. But if you aren't quite ready to get into these fresh and fruity numbers, given they are best served ice cold and maybe want something a little less summery, why not reach for a Chardonnay. It's a controversial grape and has just as many foes as it does fans, but being a less fruit forward wine with often some oak and or malolactic influences, means it is actually best served slightly warmer than you would an aromatic variety such as Sauvignon. For those who aren't convinced or don't normally dabble in Chardy drinking then might we suggest one of 2 things; Try an unoaked version - it might be the sweet, smoky oak that doesn't appeal rather than the grape itself. Or, try splashing out and throwing a little more money at it. Chardonnay is a winemakers grape and the end result is hugely influenced by how it is wielded in the hands of the winemaker. It goes without saying that good winemakers demand a good price so spending a little more money on your next Chardy can often elevate you to a level where craft over quantity creates a much more subtle, well rounded and harmonious wine.

For the red wine lovers..

Now we're not saying this is us, but it is understandable if you get the end of winter and find you're left feeling a little uninspired by those lovely, big, bold red wines you've been enjoying in front of the fire for the last few months. It's natural to want to move towards the lighter styles as the weather becomes more mild - Pinot Noir, Grenache and Zinfandel. One of our fav's is the humble Gamay Noir - the delicious, fruity and floral grape that's used to make the youthful wines of Beaujolais. These beaut little reds are light, crisp and often found to have a trademark bubblegum aroma. What we like about it is it is commonly served slightly chilled making it an absolute springtime delight. In fact, why not take inspiration from the Beaujolais region and experiment with popping some of your other reds in the fridge for half an hour or so before serving if you're looking for something to jazz up your spring evening? We've been known to chill a Pinot Noir in our time! And the last of our spring fav's would have to be the sparkling reds - there are plenty of Aussie producers making Sparkling Shiraz and you haven't lived until you've tried a Lambrusco from Italy - a frizzante style made from indigenous grape varieties. The resulting wines often have a mind-bending sweetness balanced out by a fresh acidity.