Part Time Rangers WHITE RHINO GIN RTD 10 PACK (330ML)

Gin, a splash of real lemon juice and pure sparkling water

Part Time Rangers WHITE RHINO GIN RTD 10 PACK (330ML)

For every Part Time Rangers can sold, they/you donate 10% of profits towards animal conservation initiatives across the globe. Their mission is to support organisations that they think are making a real difference. With a passion for sustainability, they are determined to create a community of Part Time Rangers, who act as a force for change, while living their everyday lives.


This product may be on promotion due to being a short shelf life product (less than 30 days to the best before date). Products on short shelf are ineligible for refund based on the shelf life.

White Rhino is crafted with only 3 natural ingredients. Their own gin, a splash of real lemon juice, topped off with pure sparkling water. This simple mix has only 1 gram of sugar

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