Pals Vodka, Watermelon Mint and Soda 10-Pack (10x330ml)

Super easy and totally delicious refresher

Pals Vodka, Watermelon Mint and Soda 10-Pack (10x330ml)

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Watermelon, mint, crisp, refreshing


Pals. The only thing that beats them is pals, with Pals. Unless of course you don't actually have any pals. In which case, have these Pals, with your imaginary pal, Lance. Or maybe you do have pals and just aren't good at sharing. And that's fair enough. Pals are very tasty. With less than 1.1g sugar per 100mls and all natural flavours/extracts, Pals are a great option for any social occasion. Pals are also gluten free and vegan friendly. 

This refreshing option is a beautiful blend of premium vodka, watermelon, mint and soda water. Clean, fresh and simple.

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