Long White Crisp Vodka, Cranberry & Soda 10-Pack (10x320ml)

The perfect summer drink!

Long White Crisp Vodka, Cranberry & Soda 10-Pack (10x320ml)

Style Profile

Crisp, refreshing.


Finding the perfect drink during the warmer months can be difficult, especially if a glass of wine goes straight to your head on a hot day or beer just makes you feel bloated (and no one wants to look like a beached whale during summer).

A nice little gin to break from the norm. Kiwi's love it, and Long White's Kiwi. So here we are to give the gin space a Long White taste. Two flavours inspired by Kiwi summer, buy tasty all flippin' year. 

*Please note, only available in 10-packs, not individual sale. 1 product = 1 x 10 pack.*

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